Carbon Neutrality

Since 2021 we have initiated an annual subscription of a package of new trees, planted in disadvantaged areas of the planet, which therefore have a twofold purpose: to help local communities with plants for soil consolidation, reforestation of the area, and a significant food aid as well.

The second goal is to offset the emissions produced by our activity and currently estimated to be around 55,000 kg of CO2.Currently we have facilitated the seeding and planting of 35 carefully selected trees that, when grown and mature, will be able to sequester more than 2,100 kg of CO2 per year. Obviously it will take time, years, and obviously we will not stop here. Our program calls for annual purchases for ten years, until 2030, when we should be at capacity and ensure offsetting more than 100 tons ofCO2 per year, well beyond our projected emissions by that date.


Carbon Neutral


We will then soon be carbon neutral and a few years from now, carbon negative. It is true and we don’t want to hide behind greenwashing the carbon sequestered by plants does not vanish into thin air, it is simply taken out of the atmosphere and stored in the woody part of the trunk, ready to be released when the tree is cut and burned or simply left to decompose by natural processes once it is dead, which is why we select trees such as baobabs, which have very long lives, or trees such as papaya and avocado that while less long-lived, make a great contribution to local communities in terms of food autonomy.