A few years before the outbreak of the pandemic, we specialized in sanitizations with ULV micronebulizers of hydrogen peroxide. The abbreviation ULV stands for ultra low volume which means that the machinery produces a super fine mist of product, delivering 1 liter per hour, enough to treat a volume of 1,000 m3. The force with which this solution is delivered, penetrating wherever air can circulate, allows for the complete disinfection of furniture, document, objects, furnishings, furnishings, equipment including electronic and electro-medical equipment.
With such equipment with which we are amply equipped, skillfully maneuvered by our appropriately trained staff and with thousands of hours of work performed, we can sanitize any reality, even the most complex ones, from the simple office to the production department, logistics warehouses, clean rooms and health facilities, as well as means of transportation and construction equipment, warehouses, construction sheds, construction sheds, etc.

The product used is registered as a PMC (Presidio medico Chirurgico), recognized as 99.99% effective by the Ministry of Health against Covid19 (Circular 5443 of 02/22/2020), which has also been used for years against legionella often found in aeraulic ducts and AHUs, as well as in fan coils and forced ventilation ducts in buildings.
The treatment is very fast in that a room in a normal office about 4 meters on a side, 3 meters high, is completely sanitized in 3 minutes. One should then wait 15 minutes of product dormancy time before returning freely if the room can be ventilated. The treatment CANNOT be carried out in the presence of people and/or animals because the hydrogen peroxide that is dispensed is highly irritating to mucous membranes, but absolutely environmentally friendly and safe for things.

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