At NAVA, the staff is the center of our success.

In fact, every day, hundreds of customers rely on our employees to ensure that their workplaces are in complete order and healthy.

Personnel were instructed and trained about the proper use of the products and equipment needed to perform the work.

Training and refresher courses are held by the company’s technical executives in cooperation with external consultants.

The program is completed with the shadowing phase of instruction.

The behavioral norms to be observed by our staff are:

  • Always wear the company uniform
  • Display the identification card
  • Not to view Client’s documents and maintain professional secrecy about facts and circumstances concerning Client’s business
  • Do not use Client’s equipment, (photocopiers, fax machines, telephones, computers etc.)
  • Do not bring strangers into the Client’s premises
  • Do not remove anything from the premises
  • Do not smoke or eat on the Client’s premises
  • Avoid entertaining with Client’s Employees.

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