The personnel employed has been instructed and trained on the proper use of products and equipment needed to carry out the job.

Training is held an kept up to date regularly by external professionals and consultants and has been differenciated to take into account the different aspects of the trade and the specificities of certain environments.

The RULES OF CONDUCT that our personnel must abide by include:

  • Always wear the prescribed uniform
  • Expose the company’s badge
  • Never read or copy client’s documents of any sort and always maintain secrecy over informations that might have happened to come across
  • Never use the client’s office, store or industrial equipment (i.e. telecopiers, copiers, computers, laptop, telephone etc)
  • Never allow strangers nor allow anyone who has not been authorized on the premises.
  • Never remove anything from the premises
  • Do not smoke, eat or drink alcohol on the premises
  • Do not entertain client's employees that might happen to be still working during service.


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